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Documentary video films DVD Christian culture of the Middle East Greece Russia
Главная Documentary video films DVD Christian culture of the Middle East Greece Russia
Documentary video films DVD Christian culture of the Middle East Greece Russia

Copyright © Club “Stairs for Soul” Ltd
Author and Producer of films - Tatiana Andrienko, art historian.

       Club of Russian Spiritual Culture “Stairs for Soul” Ltd was founded in 1992.
       The films was shot  from 1994 till 2000 in the countries of the Middle East and Greece, in Russia.
We made movies  with the aim of promotion information about Christian culture, for the most part of orthodox  christianity.
       The Club General Manager and author of the movies Тatiana Andrienko is a Russian  orthodox believer, a musician and art historian by education.
        She did scientific research and was the author and producer of about 30 educational films for Russian Television and the Club. They were made by TV camera Betacam SP and showed by the First channel and the Culture  channel of Russian TV. The Club sells these documentary films on DVD disks.
       Also the Club sells the licenses to broadcast and to issue DVD disks.

A short description of the films
       History and architecture of Churches, Monasteries, The sacred  visiting-placers, venerable  icons , wall-painting of ancient  and  modern time. Interview with monks, art historians. Church service,  religious rites. Beautiful landscapes.The tone of the films  is  unaffected  and simple. Its purpose is to benefit the soul and intellect of a person who has no time for study in detail. Bu our opinion, modern man has  a great  need for a spirit of  simplicity  and  evangelical innocence.
       The films can be translated into English and over  languages for the sake of the foreigners.
       The text in Russian is accompanied  by varied music (classical, church chants, folk music).

Part 1. From Nazareth to Bethlehem – 18 min
Part 2. Jordan River, Tiberius Lake    - 22 min
Part 3. Jerusalem  -  20 min
Part 4. Russian Churches and buildings in Palestine – 20 min
       It's an orthodox pilgrimage around the Holy Land with the history of the main holy places  of orthodoxy in the Holy Land in 15th  - 19 th  century. Our country built churches, decorated them with beautiful icons and presented precious things for alters. The churches and other buildings built by Russia are usually called now. “The Russian Palestine”. Russia also helped the Patriarch of Jerusalem and donated much for greek churches in the Holy land.
       The text of our films in accompanied by greek russian chants and folk melodies. You can see the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Sepulcher  Church at night.

Part 1. Churches and  monasteries  in Athens – 23 min
Part 2. Pendeli Monastery, Old Corinth, The Monastery of Mega Spelaion
(The Great Cave), The Great Lavra in Kalavrita – 23 min
Part 3. The monastery of Hosiers Lucas, Russian House and
Russian Church in Athens - 32 min

       Owing to the sermon of the Apostles Greece became a center of early christianity.
       From the 4 th      century, it was a part of  Byzantine empire where Russia  borrowed the Orthodox creed from. Ever since Greece and Russia gas been connected with the strong thread of spiritual relationship.
       The films are about history, sacred visiting – places, architecture and interior of old and modern churches and  monasteries in Greece.
       The Divine Liturgy on the Eeaster in the main cathedral in Athens. Progressive role of Russia in the winning of  independence by Greece.
       The text is  accompanied by Byzantine and Greek church chants.

Part 1. Monastery of St. Antony the Great – 15 min
Part 2. Monastery of St. Paul the Theban   -  11 min
Part 3. Old Cairo    -  13 min
Part 4. Flight to Egypt  - 17 min
Part 5. Desert of Scetis (Monastery of the Romans,
Monastery of St. Macarius the Creat)  - 18 min
Part 6. Desert of Scetis (Monastery of St. Bishoi,
Monastery of the Syrians)    -  15 min
       Christianity in Egypt  trace back to the Flight of the Holy Family.  They lived there for three and a half years and since that time Egypt has been called the Second Hole Land.
       Monasticism has been an  invaluable gift of Egypt to Christendom. In the Egyptian deserts in IV-VI  century orthodox askets appeared and for the first time in the world monasteries arose.
       The films are about old christian coptic churches and monasteries of Egypt, which have preserved till present time. C0ptic church service has specific particularities it is accompanied by small bells with fantastic soft sound. Arabic and authentic coptic music sound in the film.

SINAY. MONASTERY OF ST. CATHERINE (1998-1999) – 50 min.

       Mount Sinai is one of the most attractive spiritual  oasises in the world. There is place, where God gave the Law to St. Moses the Godseer. And it became a code of all-human morality. There is the place, where the Mother of God appeared in the bush, that burnt with fire and was not consumed.
       There is a monastery on this point – the Monastery of St. Catherine (VI    century) that is spiritually and historically connected with Russia.  Church service with Russian priest.
Old byzantine, greek icons, manuscripts, liturgical objects, the Burning Bush,  scalps in charnel-house ( church of St. Timophy).
       Architecture of old church and belfry, some severe landscapes “as on the Moon” without any verdure.

CHRISTIAN LEBANON (1999) – 30 min.

       One of the most ancient churches in Lebanon, which history trace  back to the first centuries of christianity is the Church of Our Lady near Smar Jebail. Lt is situated near the large old church of Mar Nohra – the actual burial place of the peculiarly Lebanese saint of that name.
       The most venerated saint in Lebanon is St. George. There was a lake near Beirut where St. George made his greatest miracle – he killed the Dragon and saved princess's life. St. George's Church of Maronite in  Tabarja is a 500 – year – old structure. There is the hoof – print of St.  George's horse  at the foot of the Church.
       Balamand Monastery  was built by the Cisterian monks in 1157 A.D  in existing  Byzantine runs after the failure of the second crusade. Then Greek Orthodox monks took possession of the monastery. F center of radiance for the Orthodox Faith for four centuries, the Monastery acquired a great number of icons, manuscripts and liturgical objects.
The text is accompanied by arabic Christmas Hymns, greek liturgical chants.

ORTHODOXY IN SYRIA  (1999) - 45 min.
       Antiochian Church has the third place among the other Orthodox Churches in the world. The followers of Christ began to call yourself christians for the first time in Antiochia. Now the Residence of Antiochian Patriarch is situated in Damascus.
       A street which was called “straight” is mentioned in the Gospels in connection with Paul's miraculous cure from blindness. Lt is pr served in Damascus.  The Anany's Church, one of the yearliest christian churches in the world, is situated at the end of the “straight” street.
       There are two big orthodox monasteries  near Damascus. The Virgin's monastery possesses the  miraculous small icon of the Virgin painted by St. Luke the Evangelist. Church service in the  monastery.
       The St. Fiokla's  monastery is the only place in the world where people are speaking the language that Christ spoke (it is a dialect of Syrian). The tomb of  St. Fiokla  is  a  saint place for pilgrims.
       The text is accompanied by Syrian folk songs and  instrumental music, antiochian  chants.


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